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AboutPodeum Ltd

Based in Hertforshire, Podeum Accounts Limited has a very well-established reputation in the region.

Podeum is a limited company, which was incorporated in 2010. Podeum provides a range of accountancy services to small and medium sized companies. Podeum has now developed a niche area of expertise which provides assistance to financial departments in a more controlled manner than hiring agency staff and much more cost effective solutions than others accountancy firms. Podeum has also developed a variety of reconciliation services designed to change the focus from doing the actual reconciliation to dealing with important issues which need to be addressed due to the financial impact non-action may have.

Podeum provides independent consultancy providing accountancy and business troubleshooting services to a variety of companies. With extensive experience of implementing systems, the company specialises in introducing procedures and controls that have positive financial impacts within a company or organisation.

Podeum works with companies in all sectors, as an example has specialist knowledge of the travel sector working with several clients providing a variety of services from remote book-keeping, financial control, interim management. The company has staff experienced working internationally and the directors have extensive experience working with blue chip clients nationally and internationally.

An example is the TravelRec service which enables travel agents to deal with their largest supplier account in a consistent and measured way, in addition Podeum has developed a low cost carrier reconciliation and is developing a system that reconciles rail travel. The service has been used by many agencies including Expedia (UK), BTM (subsidiary of Going Places) and other travel agents.

One of the features of BSP is that money is taken from the bank account of the agent at the same time every month and the agent has very little time to reconcile the amount taken against its own sales systems. Podeum developed TravelRec a semi-automated service and which provides the agency with the ability to reconcile the sales with the amount that is taken in a quick efficient manner.

The service has been continually refined and following a recent exhibition much interest has resulted and several travel agents are interested in utilising the service. It provides travel agents a cost effective solution for a problem, which agents have faced for years. Podeum is now able to provide the TravelRec service to all agencies regardless of the systems that they possess.